In order to help you interpret the usage of eBooks which have been made available Open Access through Knowledge Unlatched we have compiled some usage reports for your institution and your region. As you may realise there are certain challenges when evaluating the usage of Open Access content and this cannot be compared with more traditional use of “closed” eBooks. 

We would like to ask you to bear the following points in mind when examining the current usage data:

•    We provide download data from the OAPEN platform. This of course does not recognise any downloads which are passed on from user to user (perfectly legally due to the nature of OA content).
•    Downloads are recorded on a book level, NOT a chapter level as is the case with most publisher platforms.
•    Where possible we provide download data from within your institutional IP range. However as users often work outside of their institutions’ networks, we also try to record usage from the local regional (so-called geolocational data).
•    Data is currently only available for titles from the Pilot and Round 2 (not for KU Select 2016 as the titles from this round have only recently been unlatched). 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding usage data of KU titles please use the chat function to contact us.

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