As of 2017Q3 we provide download data from both the OAPEN and JSTOR platform. This of course does not recognise any downloads which are passed on from user to user (perfectly legal due to the nature of OA content).

We would like to ask you to bear the following points in mind when examining the current usage data:


•    Usage from the OAPEN platform is measured on a full book level (not chapter level) and includes downloads from within the institution, based on IP-ranges. Unlike OAPEN, JSTOR measures downloads on a chapter level.

•  However as users often work outside of their institutions’ networks, we also record regional usage (so-called geolocation data), which captures all the downloads within a specific region that take place both on, as well as, off-campus for the OAPEN platform.

Example of Usage Report

The template for 2018Q1 usage reports differs from the previous KU reports. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, the first tab of the report ''Overview'' contains three different columns ('J' 'K' & 'L' - circled in red) which all include different usage statistics. 

  • Column 'J' includes downloads from OAPEN from within the institution, based on your IP-ranges.
  • Column 'K' includes regional downloads from OAPEN - within a certain radius.
  • Column 'L' includes downloads from JSTOR from within the institution.

In the tab ''oapen - ip'' you can find the geolocation data. On the top left you can find the location and the radius.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding usage data of KU titles please use the chat function to contact me directly.


Discovery & Account Manager

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