In this case, Open Access means that a digital copy of your book or journal/article will be made available online for free to anyone who wants to read it under a Creative Commons licence. Your title may still be published in other formats that people will need to pay for.

This means that if people are interested in your title they will be able to read it, regardless of whether they have access to a well-funded library or can afford to pay for a personal copy.

Open Access digital versions will have an especially important impact on research communities in the developing world, where libraries are not well resourced and where readers find it difficult to afford other formats. It will also make it possible for people outside universities to read many works that are currently very expensive and sometimes hard to get hold of.

Finally, many authors whose work has been made Open Access have found that the freely available digital copy makes it easier for the right readers to find their work. This can have a positive impact on sales of the book / journal in other formats, as researchers request that their libraries purchase a physical copy, buy a copy for themselves or decide that it would be more convenient to purchase a tailored e-reader or enhanced version.

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