To pledge, click either Select All, or select individual packages or titles on the right-hand side of the list. When you have finished your selection, click on the green Pledge button. Review your choice, then select Confirm. 

To delete any selections you have made, select the collection, packages or titles you wish to remove and click on the red Revoke Pledge button, then Confirm.

To see an overview of how many titles you have pledged for and the USD/EUR pledging amount, click on the name of the Collection which you can see above the list of titles.

You can see if you have pledged the minimum needed to participate by adding up the total amounts on the main pages of each collection. If you are only pledging for the front list collection, you should check that it equals at least 90% of the front list pledging amount (see above).

Remember to go back to the Collections Overview page (top left corner) in order to look at the books in both front and backlist collections as well as the journal collection.

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