KU introduced what became known as a ‘cost-sharing’ model. Cost sharing in the first two rounds meant that the tentative initial price attached to each book could be reduced if more than a minimum number of libraries signed up. However, finding ways to ensure that this tentative pricing approach didn’t create unnecessary administrative work for libraries proved to be difficult. Feedback from libraries has suggested that stability in pricing, efficient workflows, and a model that helps to sustainably manage the costs of OA books across the system is important.

In order to achieve this, KU moved away from the tentative pricing approach adopted during the first two rounds. Rather than applying cost reductions to individual titles, surpluses that arise from more libraries pledging will be invested in the following way:

  • 50% of any surplus will be used to support the KU Research programme (see FAQ 26);
  • 50% will be invested on behalf of the library community in KU infrastructure.
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