KU Research is a non-profit oriented organisation being coordinated by its Director, Associate Professor Lucy Montgomery, that involves internationally recognised leaders in research on Open Access policy and practice, open business models, digital technology, scholarly communication and copyright.

Although KU Research is working closely with Knowledge Unlatched they operate independently – with a separate Executive Board, research agenda and international team. 

Current projects of KU Research include: 

  • Developing effective tools and strategies for capturing data relating to the uses of OA books;    
  • Mapping the digital visibility of OA books in a global context;    
  • Creating integrated dashboards to help OA publishers to gather and manage usage data from multiple sources;    
  • Exploring challenges of data governance – and likely solutions – for communities involved in making, sharing and using OA books;    
  • Contributing to international projects focussed on mapping the OA policy landscape for books;    
  • Collaborating with platforms and publishers to ensure that the best use is being made of available data about OA books.

KU Research is also exploring the role that KU usage data may play in the emerging field of altmetrics.

More information about KU Research and its current and past projects can be found on their website http://kuresearch.org/index.html.

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