Yes. KU creates three types of usage statistics reports:

  • for publishers (only showing their titles)
  • for supporting institutions (based on their IP range)
  • for the general public (aggregated)

Reports are updated on a quarterly basis and are available from the KU Library Portal. You can also view the public aggregated usage dashboard: 

Please note that:

The OAPEN download figures provided are COUNTER-compliant, but are only from downloads via OAPEN. KU books are also hosted on HathiTrust and The Internet Archive as well as publishers’ own platforms. Data for these downloads is not currently COUNTER-compliant - aggregate page views are included in Chart 1.

Comparing Open Access usage vs. controlled access

The biggest difference between openly available content and paid access to content that exists behind firewalls in a closed ecosystem is that readers can link directly to KU titles without signing into the library’s proxy server. As a result the data available at the institutional level can only reflect a partial picture of use at any institution. Evaluating cost/use at the institutional level for Open Access content presents challenges. We are therefore looking into methodologies for producing geolocational reports which we believe will be a truer representation of the community you serve. 

Usage data over time

We know that it takes time to build up usage of Humanities and Social Sciences content, whether open or closed. Monograph usage tends to peak at 5-10 years post publication. Large amounts of data on OA usage will take time to build up on books.

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