MARC record availability

You can find the MARC records for each KU collection on the website of our hosting partner OAPEN here (coming soon on HathiTrust's site). Through OAPEN, the titles are also indexed in DOAB and deep archived with CLOCKSS. 

Please note that the titles are unlatched and made available in batches on an ongoing basis because of differences with the publication dates. Once publishers provide KU with the files and these have been approved, you can download the latest MARC records from OAPEN. To access initial MARC records for KU Select 2017, which is still in pledging, please click here.

MARC records are available on OAPEN's website as a feed in several formats and contain all titles from KU collections.

Basic MARC(XML) record feed

The basic MARC record feed is updated daily by OAPEN and directly creates a set of records for unlatched titles.

Enriched MARC(XML) record feed

The enriched MARC record feed is created by our partner SCOPE eKnowledge, including more detailed records. These records are usually updated within one week after they were made available in the basic MARC record feed.

MARC records by KU collection

In order to filter by collection, please use the 536 tag:

=536 \$aKnowledge Unlatched$bPilot
=536 \$aKnowledge Unlatched$bRound 2
=536 \$aKnowledge Unlatched$c100397$bKU Select 2016 Backlist Collection
=536 \$aKnowledge Unlatched$c100279$bKU Select 2016 Front List Collection

OAPEN identifier to merge MARC(XML) records

You can simply merge the basic and enriched MARC records by using the =001 tag, which is the OAPEN unique identifier.  

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