Knowledge Unlatched and JSTOR will continue their partnership for the hosting of Open Access Books in 2019 - More details on the hosting setup can be found below.

As of 2019, certain books may be subject to a one-off processing fee of $100 per book title. This is dependent on whether JSTOR hosted a book for sale prior to the book being made available Open Access. This fee is more likely to apply to frontlist books but may apply to backlist books as well if the titles are new to JSTOR.

Please note that Knowledge Unlatched does not cover this processing fee.

To ensure a seamless process, book titles included as part of any of the KU Collections can automatically be ingested by JSTOR via the KU platform. For publishers that would like to add all or a subset of their KU Book titles to JSTOR, please contact us directly concerning this.

For publishers interested in hosting their Open Access Books with JSTOR, but currently not setup as a JSTOR Open Access publisher yet, please contact us or JSTOR directly.

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