The standard usage reporting for titles is carried out every quarter for unlatched titles. We work together with multiple hosting platforms, including OAPEN, JSTOR, Project MUSE and the Open Research Library. Therefore, the usage data for Open Access titles requires the consolidation of these platforms. 

These hosting platforms share usage data with Knowledge Unlatched in different data formats, while all are reporting in a so-called COUNTER conformant way: the platforms have counted the following the COUNTER methodology, where sessions are counted in a particular way and for example bots are stripped out. As such, in order to conform with the COUNTER Code of Practice the data processing and cleaning rules will be maintained to comply with the lastest release of COUNTER.

The metrics we receive fro these hosting platforms are COUNTER conformant, but don't follow the COUNTER 5 naming convention. We call these COUNTER conformant metrics "Public" metrics, as they are readily understood by the public. Instead, COUNTER 5 metric names tend to be more abstract and more challenging to interpret. 

Metric Structure:

The usage reporting follows the metric definitions as defined by COUNTER R5. More information can be found here on the COUNTER website (source COUNTER, 2017).

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