Journals unlatched via the KU Select program will be published as full open access journals. This means that authors are not subject to a Article Processing Charge or submission fees as these are financed by institutions through Knowledge Unlatched. 

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

These journals will be indexed in DOAJ, which is where you can also obtain the metadata feeds to include the journals into your discovery systems. You will find these journals as soon as the first articles are made available for the unlatched copyrights year. You can learn more here.

Publisher Platforms

Also, you can find the unlatched journals and articles on publisher websites. The unlatched journals will be highlighted with a disclaimer following the messaging below:

All articles in [Journal Name - (ISSN)] are published as full open access articles. There are no submission charges and no Article Processing Charges as these are fully funded by institutions through Knowledge Unlatched, resulting in no direct charge to authors. 

See for example below (or here) how MDPI made indicates this for their journal Religions

Unlatched journals

On our website you can see which journals have been unlatched so far.

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