As of 2018Q3 the Knowledge Unlatched library reports include usage data from the OAPEN, JSTOR and Project MUSE platforms. This of course does not recognise any downloads which are passed on from user to user (perfectly legal due to the nature of OA content), or via additional platforms such as publisher platforms.

We would like to ask you to bear the following points in mind when examining the current usage data:

The usage reporting follows the metric definition as defined by COUNTER R5. More information can be found here on the COUNTER website. 

The metrics reported on include in the OA book reports include:

  • total_item_investigations =  chapter views and table of content views
  • total_item_requests =  chapter downloads
  • unique_item_requests = full-text ebook download

Example of Usage Report

The template for 2018Q3 usage reports differs from the previous KU reports. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, the first tab of the report ''Notes'' explains more about the data which you will be able to find in the other sheets. 

In the sheet "Title Institution Report" you can find usage specifically for your institution. The screenshot and text below may be helpful when interpreting the usage reports.

  • Column "G" lists the First OA usage Date for each book title, which is the date when the first download for the book title occured.
  • Column "I" lists from which platform the usage originates
  • Column "J" lists the usage metric
  • Column "K" the compliance level
  • Column "L" is the total sum of all downloads for the book title, for the specific platform and metric

If you have any questions or feedback regarding usage data of KU titles please use the chat function to contact me directly.


Discovery & Account Manager

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