Total Interactions

Total interactions is a general term for summing up downloads and views of OA books, which are hosted on different platforms. Please see below in the Metric Structure, the kind of metrics this could potentially include. Therefore, the numbers should be treated carefully and are defined as interactions as such. 


These hosting platforms share usage data with Knowledge Unlatched in different data formats, while all are reporting in a COUNTER conformant way. In order to conform with the COUNTER Code of Practice, the data processing and cleaning rules will be maintained by the hosting platforms to comply with the lastest release of COUNTER. For example, the platforms count the usage events in a particular way and also strip out bots.

Metric naming convention

The metrics received from these hosting platforms are thus COUNTER conformant, yet don't follow the COUNTER 5 naming convention. We call these COUNTER conformant metrics "Public metrics" , as they are readily understood by the public. In contrast, COUNTER 5 metric names tend to be more abstract and more challenging to interpret.

Metric Structure:

The usage reporting follows the metric definitions as defined by COUNTER R5. More information can be found here on the COUNTER website (source COUNTER, 2017).

Example of Usage Report

The template for 2019Q2 usage reports differs from earlier KU reports. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, the first tab of the report ''Notes'' explains more about the data which you will be able to find in the other sheets. In the sheet "Title Institution Report" you can find usage specifically for your institution. The screenshot and text below may be helpful when interpreting the usage reports.

  • Column "G" lists the First OA usage Date for each book title, which is the date when the first download for the book title occurred (this will be updated in 2019Q3)
  • Column "I" lists from which platform the usage originates
  • Column "J" lists the usage metric
  • Column "K" the compliance level (this will be updated in 2019Q3)
  • Column "L" is the total sum of all downloads for the book title, for the specific platform and metric

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